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Seseni + Kevin + Amari + Baby = ♥ | Atlanta Maternity Photographer

February 20th, 2014

(this is a replay from the retired blog.  Enjoy this wonderful family)

♫ Here’s a story, of a Lovely Lady, who was raising up a very busy young man… ♫  Okay so that isn’t exactly how this song goes, but the story is so much better.  How do you get a Northen raised world traveler (Seseni) with a high spirited son (Amari) together with a British Jamaican with a passion for everything culinary?  That’s right …  Computer Love.  Or at least  I can’t wait for the commercial (smile).  Seseni and I have served as leaders in our local Cub Scout pack for the last two years and it has been a pleasure to lead with her while watching the Love shared between her and Amari.  When she looks at him, you see her Pride, her Joy, her Hopes and her Dreams.  I have only recently met Kevin, but during our session, while they didn’t know I was looking, I watched how he held Seseni.  It appeared as though Kevin’s whole world would end if she ever left his arms.  Their quiet moments included kisses and the way he interacted with Amari reflects a fatherly Love that only real men are capable of.  They allowed Belkis and I to peek into a few moments of their lives recently at Starrs Mill as they prepared for the arrival of their baby girl.  We had so much fun, I could have kept shooting all night.  

Seseni and Kevin, thank you for allowing Belkis and I to share in such an important part of your lives.  I hope you had loads of fun.  Now for a few pictures.

They didn't know I was still watching.  I love it.

One Love, Two hearts

          Now the Slide Show (Always better to watch in full-screen).