Keir Chapple Atlanta Portrait Photographer Keir Chapple Atlanta Portrait Photographer


There is nothing better then a great portrait. I love Photography, people and the Canvas of Skin. Mostly, I love creating awesome moments with the camera.

What a blessing it is to be allowed to share in people’s important moments. It has been an honor to be asked to capture special moments of triumph, celebration and love.

In school I wanted to be an engineer. Well actually, I wanted to be a Robot Building Ninja but I just couldn’t find that degree program. After working as an Engineer and in corporate America for some years, I returned to my first Artistic Love.

I laugh hard, often and out loud.

I am a closet comedian.

I have been married to the same Women for 12 years and I have 2 kids. My oldest son will be the first Martin Luther King Jr speaking, Michael Jackson singing preacher in the world. The World will never forget him.

I am a member of an outstanding church and I believe the Lord has placed a Matrix-Like feeling in all of us that tells us we are destined for something great simply because. . . we are.

My current goals in life are to be a good man of God, a Loving Husband, a faithful father and the best Photographer that I can be.

Thanks for stopping by. . . Enjoy

Keir D. Chapple