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September 5th, 2016

To be honest, it all started 3/19/2015. That’s the day my mother died (don’t worry, this isn’t a sad post). My mother was creative. She made things beautiful and made simple things phenomenal. I am sure, every creative DNA in me, came from her.  When she died, I lost my creativity. 

In July of that same year, someone broke into my home and stole every piece of photography equipment that I owned. At least three cameras and all of my lenses, and my laptop (and flashes). I rented equipment to finish out the year, but I was broken. I had lost my creativity and the tools to create. I started to think that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, maybe my photography life was over. I didn’t shoot anything for the next year. 

In July of this year, simply out of the kindness of his heart, a really great man, replaced just about every piece of equipment that was stolen. He didn’t ask for anything, just that I create. Immediately after that, without any advertisement or marketing, I received photography jobs just about every weekend since. Just like that, I am a photographer again. 

This pic is from Seseni and Kevin’s engagement session. I was blessed to capture their wedding this past weekend in New York (my first time there) and I can’t wait to share some of those pictures with you. 

I am back! I promise to shoot more, post more and create more.