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September 12th, 2016

Hold On

Soooo, last weekend, I flew to New York for the the1st time to shoot a wedding. The Friday I left Atlanta was gloomy. There was a potential hurricane (later turned to a tropical storm) looming on the east coast. It was cloudy and at 6 PM, it appeared to be closer to 9 PM. My flight was delayed due to lack of a co-pilot. When we finally reached cruising altitude and broke the clouds, it became apparent that not only was it not dark yet, but it was actually very sunny. It was beautiful.  Then it hit me. Sometimes, you have to rise above the clouds to see the light. It can be dark where you are at, it may be gloomy and rainy. It may appear to be hopeless. But, the Sun is there. Sometimes, we just can’t see it, because of the clouds.  #HOLDON  #HOLDON  #HOLDON

p.s. The first picture doesn’t have anything to do with this post, it’s just a picture of Kid 1 and Kid 2.  The 2nd is the actual cellphone picture of the clouds and Sun from the plane, but it wasn’t the greatest, hence, the first picture.